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Farr's Hardware began in 1916 in Coquille, OR as a transfer and warehousing company between the Coquille River docks and Southern Pacific Railways, which had come to Coos County in that year. In 1920, Chester Farr bought the business from Cecil Elwood. In 1924, Cecil bought back into the business and partnered with Chester 50/50 and the business became Farr and Elwood. In 1926, Farr and Elwood expanded their business with a 10,000 sqft location in Marshfield, OR (now Coos Bay) at 880 South First St. The address remains the same to this day. In 1929, the original waterfront store in Coquille was moved to its current location of 220 North Central Blvd, Coquille OR.

        Cecil and his family moved to Marshfield with the opening of the Marshfield location and Chet Farr remained in Coquille. Farr and Elwood continued to grow the business over the years from a local transfer company to a fleet of trucks shipping between Coos Bay and Portland. They also handled brick, lime, cement, feed and seed supplies as well as farm hardware and farm machinery. Chester and his wife, Iva, became the sole owners of the company in 1941 when Cecil Elwood and his wife died in a car accident.

            Chester continued to run the business with his two sons, Len and Don, until his retirement in 1954. In 1934, Farr and Elwood joined Northern Wholesale Hardware and changed the business name to Farr’s Hometown Hardware. Len Farr later acted as a member of the board for Northern Wholesale Hardware, and eventually met with John Cotter of Cotter & Company when Northern Wholesale Hardware was bought by Cotter and Company in 1970. This prompted the final business name change to Farr’s True Value Hardware.  Over the years, many Farr children worked for the two stores, and eventually, in 1975, the store incorporated with 11 family stockholders. In 1979, the company built a new 22,000 sqft building in Coos Bay next to the original building.

            1992 was a year for change with a remodel to the Coquille store and the passing of 2nd generation owner Don Farr. In 2001 the family stockholders were reduced from 9 to 3. 2008 saw the end of the 2nd generation of Farr owners with the passing of Len Farr. The Coos Bay location was remodelled in 2010 with True Value’s DTV plan. In 2012, Mary Farr Woolley (3rd generation), retired, and Chris Liga, the first non-family member since Elwood, bought into the business. The Coquille location participated in True Value’s DTV remodel in 2013. Currently, the store is owned and operated by Jay Farr (3rd generation), and Chris Liga (honorary 4th generation). Additional managers include Lisa Farr (5th generation) in our Coos Bay location and Luke Phillips in our Coquille location. 
2019 has already been a year for change at Farr's. January brought about the retirement of  4th generation owner, Jim Farr, and the store transitioning back to it's historical name of "Farr's Hardware." March of 2019 brought a new vendor to the store, with the addition of  Do It Best Corp as a supplier. The addition of another supplier is anticipated to provide a better selection of products and increase product availability for customers.  

About True Value

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